Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

For clean, delicious coffee at home

Notice: Global Customers, please refer to this guide for counterfeit product information!

Please be aware of counterfeit Cino Cleano® products on the market.

These are not manufactured by Cafetto® and are not associated with the brand. Any product packaging that states Made in China is fraudulent. Genuine Cino Cleano® and Cafetto® products are only Made in Australia.

Cino Cleano® tablets made by Cafetto® in Australia uses barcode 9345941264441. Please check the unique barcode number for genuine product.

For Espresso Machine Cleaning tablets, please purchase Cafetto® Tevo Mini Cleaning Tablet or Cafetto® S15 Tablet. For more info, read below: 

Ready to level up your coffee experience?

The quality of the coffee you taste is only as good as the cleanliness of the machine. 
Combining portion control and ease of use, Cafetto S15 and Tevo Mini Tablets are part of the Espresso Cleaning range.

Cafetto is a specialist manufacturer of cleaning and sanitation products for espresso machines, coffee brewing and dispensing equipment, ensuring you’re serving nothing short of the perfect coffee, every time. 

These tiny-but-mighty tablets specialise in removing coffee oils, grounds and stains, so you’re left with nothing but that rich, smooth ‘ahh factor’ when tasting your next delicious pour of espresso. Thirsty to learn more?

Treat your machine